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I saw these on buzzfeed, and I am not sure which issues these panels come from.

Thank you to giveyourthroattothewolf who told me the source of these panels.  These panels are from Issue 10 of Brian Posehns current run of Deadpool. Thank you once more to giveyourthroattothewolf for the information!

Still thought it was pretty funny and made me smile to know Deadpool knows of his fangirls and thier shipping habits. 


Bikini Bottom just got real..


Sharing a binding

This is a clever book from the 18th century, printed in Oxford in 1756. It presents both the Old and New Testament, although the books are not bound together the regular way, behind one another. Instead, the binder opted to place them next to each other. This very rare binding technique is part of a family that includes the dos-à-dos (or “back to back”) binding, which I blogged about before (here). Having the two testaments bound this way allowed the reader to consult passages from both books at the same time. Indeed, the empty pages in the front and back are filled with notes, including in Greek and Hebrew. It appears this clever binding had a reader to match.

Pic: Manchester, Chetham’s Library (source).

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